Skills and Drills


AFL skills are pivotal to the game and there are many skills that can be practiced at the football field or from home. Please click on the below heading to find out more. If you want to find out more coaching skills and drills please click here.

Chest Marking

Chest marking is one of the most important skills of AFL and one of the easiest to learn.

Goal accuracy

Kicking accurately for goal can be the difference between winning a premiership and losing one. Saying this, the correct goal kicking technique can help improve player accuracy when taking a shot for goal.


Handballing is an integral skill of the game and has the potential to be just as effective as a kick. Getting the correct technique will help put playing into space, getting centre clearances or setting up your teammate for a goal. 


Kicking is one of the most important skills of the game and is what ultimately leads to a team kicking a goal. If you have the right kicking technique the is a higher chance you will kick more goals in the season.

Making the smother

If you have ever heard AFL commentators talking about a team doing the one percenters, than making a smother is exactly this. You don't get a statistic for making a smother but with the right technique you may set up a goal for your teammate, prevent a goal at the other end or even lift team morale.

Overhead mark

It doesn't matter if you are a short player or a tall player, everyone who plays AFL can take an overhead mark. With the right technique you can reach the ball at its ultimate height, putting you in an advantageous position to out-mark your opponent.

Picking up the ball

Picking up the ball while running at full pace is a tough skill to learn but once you do learn it, there are many advantages which will put you ahead of your opponent.


Ruckmen are one of the most valued players on the field as they get first use of the ball and can set up attack.


Another one percenter skill, shepherding can put your teammates into space or block an opponent from getting first use of the football.

Snap at goal

There are some players in the AFL today who have a responsibility on the field to snap goals. It is one of the most effective kicks if done correctly and it has the wow factor associated with it if you can kick a goal from tight on the boundary.


One of the most effective forms of defence, getting a fist on the ball can stop your opponent from having a shot on goal.


It is often said that game are won and lost in the midfield. If you can win the ball at stoppages you are on track to setting your forwards up with a shot on goal.


Tackling is one of the most fun and effective skills of the game. If you lay a correct tackle you can win the game for your team, lift team morale or even put a teammate into a better position.


There are a range of drills that you can start implementing at your club. These drills will assist in the development of players and ultimately help to improve team performance. Please click on the name of the below drills to view more.

Accountability drills

Accountability drills are designed to inform coaches and players about running to cover and ways to take an effective kick-in.

Basic Skills Drills

Basic Skills Drills cover everything a coach needs to know from basic kicking options to holding the ball up and double leads.

Skills Drills Game Based

Skills Drills Game Based is designed to simulate a game-day experience by covering topics such as covering an oppononet and holding possession of the football.

Youth and Senior Coaching Drills

This document covers all you need to know about effective drills for youth and senior players.

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