Over the course of the year there are a range of grants clubs and associations are able to access. For application information please contact the Community Football representative from your region.

A calendar of grants is provided below:

20 January 2014 - 28 February 2014
2013 Joss Group and AFL Community Facility Grant

AFL NSW/ACT in partnership with the Joss Group are pleased to announce the opening of the 2014 Joss Group & AFL Community Facility Grants. These grants have been designed to provide funding assistance to clubs who are looking to undertake small scale facility improvements to enhance their club environment for the 2014 AFL season and beyond.

In 2014, there will be 10 grants of $10,000 available to community clubs across New South Wales and the ACT. $5,000 will be provided by the AFL and $5,000 provided by the Joss Group. 

The Joss Group’s commitment to regional New South Wales is demonstrated in their support of a variety of sporting groups, including their generous support of AFL NSW/ACT initiatives.

Without the support of the Joss Group the opportunity for these grants would not have been possible.

The Joss Group is a family owned regional company, who have been trading for over 35 years, for more information please visit

To download the application form, please click here.

To download the criteria and checklist please click here.

Completed applications are to be addressed to AFL NSW/ACT Facilities Department, PO Box 333 Strawberry Hills, NSW, 2012.

Applications must be received by 5pm on Friday 23 February 2014.

For more information, please contact AFL NSW/ACT Facilities Manager, David Lawson

Currently Closed
Volunteer Grants Program

Volunteer Grants recognises the valuable work of Australia’s volunteers and is part of the Government’s ongoing commitment to supporting volunteers, assisting disadvantaged communities and encouraging social inclusion to assist vulnerable people within our society.

Funding of $21 million is available to eligible non-profit community organisations to assist their volunteers and encourage volunteering.

Volunteer Grants provides funding between $1,000 and $5,000 to help non-profit organisations to:

- contribute towards the costs of training courses for volunteers and/or undertaking background screening checks for volunteers; and/or

- purchase portable, tangible, small equipment items to help volunteers; and/or

- contribute towards fuel reimbursement for their volunteers, including those who use their cars to transport others to activities, deliver food and assist people in need.

Cheaperthanhotels Fundraising Program

Funding: Max per grant: $25,000 Min per grant: $250

Purpose: To offer an innovative fundraising program for community groups, non-profit organizations, schools, universities and sports clubs.

Overview: The Cheaperthanhotels Fundraising program is designed with individuals and smaller organizations in mind and provides financial support to help you in pursuit of your cause. The cause may be anything from supporting a selected charity to fundraising for new computers or sporting equipment at a school, to hold your own art exhibition or to inject funds into your small business.

Forget selling chocolates and endless books of raffle tickets, this program generates $8 per sale, and gets people coming back again and again. For every hotel booking made on the CheaperThanHotels family of websites, that has been referred by your organization and can be identified by a specified link or promotional code, Cheaperthanhotels will donate $8 to your organisation.

If you have 100 people in your organization, and each of them refers just one booking, you will raise $800. By putting in a small amount of time and effort to spread the word, you will be able to raise a lot more.

Cheaperthanhotels is a online accommodation search & booking engine, which aims to provide hotels at prices cheaper than what you can find by booking with the hotel themselves!

For further information visit

Sport Incentive Program

Purpose: To increase opportunities for Australians to participate in sport and/ or to excel in sports performance.

Overview: The Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) can assist Australian non-profit, incorporated and other eligible organisations such as the following with sport related projects:

• sporting clubs
• sporting organisations (regional, state and national)
• schools
• councils and
• community groups 

Projects eligible for consideration for ASF registration must be sport related by being one of the following types:
- Facility development
- Facility feasibility study
- Equipment
- Team travel
- Hosting a major sporting event
- Sport development
Aim to increase opportunities for Australians to participate in sport and/ or to excel in sports performance
Be financially viable
Ritchies' IGA Community Benefit Card Program

Ritchies' IGA Community Benefit Card Program donates a percentage of the money spent by our customers to their nominated club, school or charity.
Do you belong to an organisation that is likely to be seeking funds this year?

No more preparation of lengthy grant applications!
No conditions on how you spend the money!
No performance monitoring!
You control the amount you receive!

Ritchies' IGA Community Benefit Card program is simple to work with and participate in!
Ritchies' IGA Community Benefit Card program offers savings for customers and fundraising dollars for nominated organisations at the same time!

Coles Local Community Support Program

The Coles Local Community Support program recognises these grass-roots groups and organisations by providing support to help with fundraisers, raffles, community days and other activities.

The program aims to aid local charities and organisations whose cause addresses issues and activities relating to health, education and the environment.

March 3 2014 - April 2 2014
Sport and Recreation Facility Grant Program

The focus of this program is to provide opportunities for regular and on-going participation opportunities.


Who can apply?

  • NSW incorporated, community based not-for-profit organisations

  • NSW Local Government Authorities operating under the Local Government Act (1993).

What level of funding is available?

Grants up to to $10, 000 for participation projects.

[Organisations may apply for multiple grants, but the maximum is $50, 000 per year.

When can I apply?

Applications are currently closed.

Round 2 Applications will open on 3rd of March and close on the 2nd of April.

To ensure you meet eligibility criteria and understand the application requirements, please download and read the guidelines for this program.

Sport and Recreation Facility Program

The primary focus of this program is to assist with funding for the development of local and regional level sport and recreation facilities. The aim of this program is to increase availability, standard and quality of sport and recreation facilities in NSW.


Facility Developments –

  • Improve safety at sport and recreation facilities
  • Improve amenities at sport and recreation facilities
  • Develop environmentally sustainable sport and recreation facilities.

Who can apply?

What level of funding is available?

Grants up to $25, 000 for facility projects

When can I apply?

Applications are currently closed.

Round 2 Applications will open on 3rd of March and close on the 2nd of April.

Sport and Recreation Events Program

The primary focus is to attract financially viable sporting events to NSW. The program will recognise events that are international or national in focus, are recognised by the relevant sporting authority and provide an opportunity for talented athletes, coaches and officials to develop skills. This program will also support regional and rural sports in order to promote community building and engagement. There are two categories:

  1. International and national sporting events
  2. Regional and Rural Community Participation Events

Who can apply?

  • National Sporting Organisations (NSO)
  • State Sporting Organisations (SSO)
  • Recognised industry bodies
  • Incorporated not-for-profit sporting organizations e.g. host supporting club
  • Event organizers who have a contractual agreement with and or a letter of support from a national or state sporting organization to deliver an event.

What funding is available?

Grants are capped at:

  • $30, 000 for International Sporting Events;
  • $15, 000 for National Championships; and
  • $10, 000 for Regional and Rural Community Participation Events.

Applicants must also contribute 50% or more to the staging of the event, which may include ‘in kind’ support.

When can I apply?

Applications are still open.

Applications must be submitted by –

  • 16 March 2014 (for events planned after late-April 2014); and
  • 13 June 2014 (for events planned after late-July 2014).

Sports Development Program (SDP)

The SDP is designed to assist State sporting organizations and industry bodies, to work with the State Government to develop sport and recreation activities in NSW.

Who can apply?

NSW State Sporting Organizations – which must be:

  • Properly constituted
  • A not-for-profit incorporated body
  • Representative of the sport in NSW on a state-wide basis
  • Affiliated with a National Sporting Organisation that is funded and/or recognized by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC)
  • Able to comply with anti-doping code as supported by the ASC
  • Able to demonstrate that they are responsive/compliant with government strategies for development of social justice and gender equality as components of the plan.

NSW Peak Industry Bodies – which must be:

  • Properly constituted
  • A not-for-profit incorporated body
  • The recognized NSW affiliate over the sector/sphere of activity in NSW
  • Able to have coverage and influence over the sector/sphere of activity in NSW
  • Able to demonstrate that they are responsive/complient with government strategies for development of social justice and gender equality as components of the plan.

What level of funding is available?

Funding is based on category ranking

Three year funding agreements available.

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