Volunteer of the Year Program

Nominations are now open for the 2013 AFL Recognition Awards

The AFL State Volunteer of the Year Program is a volunteer recognition program that is part of the legacy of the 150 year celebrations in 2008. The program which commenced as part of the Australian Football 150 years celebration rewards seven outstanding volunteers with a trip of lifetime for them and a partner.

Each club, league or association is invited to nominate an outstanding volunteer as an AFL State Volunteer of the Year. The volunteer may have contributed to the completion of a major or significant project throughout the year or they may be someone who has contributed in a number of roles over a long period.

Each state and territory will evaluate the nominations and ultimately will determine their State Volunteer of the Year.  

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AFL Merit Award

You are invited to nominate volunteers for the AFL Merit Award that have contributed outstanding service to Australian Football in your State/Territory. The nominee must have contributed a minimum of 10 years of service towards AFL.

AFL Merit Award winners receive:

  • An AFL Merit Award Certificate personally signed by the AFL Chief Executive Officer and the Chairman of the AFL Commission.
  • Added to the honour board of less than 600 Merit Award winners dating back to 1931.

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AFL NSW/ACT Coach of the Year

The AFL NSW/ACT Coach of the Year program is also open for 2013.

The purpose of this award is to:

1.           To recognise the significant contribution of coaches to the conduct and development of Australian Football in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

2.           To recognise the achievements of coaches who give quality service to the game in that they:

2.1    display strength of character in the role of coaching

2.2    foster enthusiasm for, interest in, and an excellent attitude to participation in football

2.3        give quality value to the goals and purposes of Club and League football.

2.4        promote the healthy mental and physical development of players

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Online Application Form

All enquiries regarding the Coach of the Year should be directed to Jason Saddington on jason.saddington@aflnswact.com.au

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