Australian Football has the capacity to bring people together from diverse cultural backgrounds. With this in mind, the AFL is working closely with state football bodies to build strong working relationships with many diverse communities to identify barriers and to develop strategies to encourage involvement.

In 2005, the AFL appointed Nick Hatzoglou to activate the Multicultural Program in Victoria. This program has grown and is now operating nationally with designated full time and casual staff from diverse cultural backgrounds delivering programs and engaging multicultural communities in their states and territories

In NSW/ACT, the first Multicultural Programs Manager was appointed in 2008 to drive strategy around Multicultural Participation across the state and territory. To date, the team is managed by the Multicultural Programs Manager and the programs are delivered by the Multicultural Programs Co-Ordinator and the regional staff who work in collaboration to engage as many young people from CaLD backgrounds as possible.


The Multicultural Program has four main goals:

  1. Participation

    • to create opportunities for migrant and refugee communities to become participants, fans or talented players of the AFL

    • to eliminate any barriers which prevent young people from CaLD backgrounds enjoying or participating in sports

    • To use the game as a vehicle to encourage community integration and inclusion
  1. Engagement

    • To establish relationships with key government departments, community organisations and interested others

    • To connect with communities and build a better understanding of their cultural

    • To support and participate in community events
  1. Awareness & Training

    • To deliver and instigate internal training and education around cultural awareness & competency

    • To offer clubs and associations regular information, ideas and support around embracing multicultural diversity as part of their ongoing operations
  1. Advocacy

    • To support young people from CaLD backgrounds

    • To ensure all our information and programs are easily accessible to our diverse communities


2013: The Focus in NSW/ACT


  • To deepen and widen our engagement & connection with our four largest community groups in NSW  – African , Indian, Chinese & Arabic – whilst this is our priority the AFL NSW/ACT will not disregard any other opportunities to work with communities outside these four main groups

  • Grow our multicultural participation across our regional offices

  • To establish a state based talent program which offers young people from CaLD backgrounds the opportunity to be recognised for their sporting abilities
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